Kenya has one of the highest rates of mothers dying in or around childbirth in the world.  Where we are operating  it is approximately one mother out of  every seventeen and one  baby out of every fifteen dies.

Our vision is to make a  sustainable change to the health of vulnerable and often hard to reach  pregnant women and their families lives.

Our aim is to save lives of mothers and babies in Kenya by using a holistic approach to  health care in the community.

We are a small UK-based charity consisting of four health professionals, committed to and passionate about supporting the most vulnerable families in the slum areas of Mombasa and Kilifi districts in Kenya.

‘Mother and baby’ in Swahili is ‘Mama na Mtoto’ our charity name which was chosen by the families we serve.

The Mother and Baby Project is a prevention model of healthcare which  takes  midwifery and family healthcare directly  into  the heart of family life –  into the homes of the women we support. There are  no other services providing this.

Our aim is to empower women to make the right choices for themselves and their families thus  improving family life in a sustainable manner.

We have so far implemented the first phase of the project, which is a community-based midwifery care service providing support, guidance, education and free midwifery/ health care.

We have  implemented training for local women and local midwives who can now deliver this service making the service sustainable and accepted within the villages.

We work in collaboration with the local government, voluntary agencies and a medical training college to ensure that all our work is researched , up to date and  integrated into existing health services.

We aim to  tackle the many  barriers which pregnant women face in accessing health services so that more women live to see there babies grow and develop, ensuring that children can reach their full potential .

There are many orphans in Kenya saving women’s lives , making lives healthier ensures there are less!