Our Team and Advocates

Our board of trustees

Anita Jones Chair

Midwife, Nurse, Clinical midwifery Lead and Mother

I have worked as a  NHS midwife in many community settings in the UK for over 38 yrs . Working for a child protection charity for 4 years as a Special parenting teacher helping vulnerable parents here and now with young mums under 19 years old at Getaway girls charity.

I have run my own childbirth education company for the past 13 years and am a qualified childbirth educator. I am a qualified health education midwife.  Most of my career has been working with families in Leeds as a Community Midwife which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I have mentored students throughout my career and taught in schools prisons, colleges as well as midwives and nurses.

I am passionate about supporting pregnant women enabling them to be healthy in pregnancy and have a safe birth.

My passion is mothers and children’s’ health. I have worked in Kenya voluntarily for the past five years.

My vision is to empower women to make informed decisions about their health choices for themselves and their families. To stop women dying in childbirth and for their babies to live a healthy life. I have written and implemented the Mother and Baby project and truly believe it saves and improves lives of vulnerable women and babies in some of the most deprived areas of Kenya

If we care for the mothers they can care for their children and the rate of orphaned children will be reduced.

A baby does not ask to be born in a deprived area, it is sheer luck where we are born, we are the lucky ones. Children truly are our future and   I believe it is everyone’s’ responsibility to care for and protect them …… we must keep them in mind. I want to help do as much as possible for the ones who have not been as lucky as we have …

Christina Brogden        Trustee

Social Worker, Specialist in young women and children, mental health in pregnancy.

I have been a qualified Social Worker since 2009. My background is working in the field of Child Protection and with women experiencing depression both in the antenatal and postnatal period.

My passion is both supporting and working with vulnerable families to help change big or small to occur. I have being to Kenya several times to carry out support work with vulnerable families. I have also worked with health and social care professionals to support them to develop their knowledge and skills in child protection, in order to safeguard vulnerable children and families in Kenya.

I feel that I am enthusiastic, hard-working and highly motivated when it comes to helping others. In my free time I am a volunteer for several local community groups and also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Esther Muntini Nigie   Kenyan Trustee


Anne Howes  Trustee

Support Liaison  officer for vulnerable families. Mother and grandmother.













We are lucky to be supported and assisted by some wonderful dedicated people and Thank them ..

Our patron Marion Hinds  

Marian has dedicated her life to midwifery and we are honoured to have her as our Patron.

She has worked as a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust for over 30 years and has now retired. Dedicated to mothers and babies Marion sees the true benefits of our work and is an asset to our charity.

We are excited to work with our new partners in Kenya who share our vision .

North Coast Medical College Directors


Reuben  Waswa