Outreach Work and Events

  We hold community health events which benefit the whole community where we work.

It is important that we do community cohesion work. Bringing families together to have fun , access free health information and health checks whilst enjoying time as a family which is rare in the slum areas as men are looking for work and women have alot to do at home .

This also markets our services and shows commitment to the area.

Family Fun days.            Bringing families together to have fun – sport, exercise, crafts for children, free food , free packs for mothers and babies and children

Medical outreach       Ensures we also support families who do not have pregnant women but still need support.

Health promoting Events for parents and children.

HIV testing –    Offering free HIV testing ,education and support.

Contraception  information available at all our events and work.

Mother and baby checks offered free with medication for babies and children.Child protection work led by our social worker .

Mother and baby at clinic