Support us

We need your support!

Every donation you make will be used efficiently and carefully. We value the support you give us and know it is heartfelt. We will ensure that every penny counts and we will promise you it will make  a difference.

There are many ways you can donate to support the life changing work we do.

Sponsor a pregnant woman’s pregnancy care.        £8 per month

You are sponsoring a vulnerable pregnant women  so she can receive the care she needs throughout her pregnancy and birth. This also covers  her postnatal care afterwards and that of  her baby.

Community Midwifery Support Workers weekly wage and training:        £20 per month

Sponsor a  local women to do our CMSW training course  and deliver this service becoming a valued member of her community as one of our Community Midwifery Support Workers.

This will enable her to learn, work,  have an income to support and feed her family. This empowers her and gives her self esteem and respect.

Sponsor a midwife mentor and  supervisor:         £36 per month

Our midwives give ongoing support , supervision and mentoring to our CMSW’s. This is a crucial role and the CMSW’s gain valuable experience from the midwives, who also help them to integrate the project into local services.

Food packs for vulnerable families :             costs £6.00

We distribute food packs to pregnant women who are suffering from malnutrition or are HIV positive  This pack will feed a family of four  for one week.

One-off gift

Any donation you can give to support our work would be greatly appreciated.

You could also raise funds for us through sponsored events, cake stalls or other sales or community events.

Lasting support

The most sustainable support you can give is to set up a monthly subscription for a set amount from £2  onwards..

This ensures we have on going funds for  and all our training and implementation of our projects.

We welcome legacies or grants to support our work.

This funding will ensure our work continues for a set period and continues to expand and grow.

We wish to Thank  all of the people supporting us with all your contributions we value that support We will also where it is possible send you updates and our newsletter so you are fully aware of where your contribution Is being spent.