Family Health Care Hub

This project aims to establish a Family  Health Care Hub  offering a midwifery and children service centre to support family health.This will  be situated in the village of Bomarni which is quite isolated and is 25 miles from the nearest hospital and has a catchment area  of 7,000 families.

We will utilise unused Rotary buildings which are situated near the dispensary and in an ideal accessible location for the village. To host a maternity unit for normal births, as well as children heath service centre. The local dispensary is also in this compound  and there are other buildings not being utilized which can house  a pharmacy and satellite  health surgery  together forming a Family Health hub.

Our plan is to set up satellite surgeries within the village, which can feed into the main hub. This will enable families to access health care close to their homes and midwifery care will be delivered in the homes of the pregnant women. When the distance to the hospital is far women cannot access health services when they are desperately needed . They  do not have money for transport so part of our vision is also  to provide an ambulance service to transport women in need of urgent medical care to hospital.